Arcadia is an experiment

Urgent problems surround us. We need effective, far-reaching solutions — and we need them now.

The solution is adaptation. We are evolving Arcadia to enable our unique science-driven goals. We are building and iterating in public so that anyone can easily deploy emergent lessons.

Our company framework

There are no sure bets in research, but by adopting a more systematic approach, we can shift the odds in our favor. This applies to how we examine the universe of organisms, but also to how we build our operational framework, teams, and processes.

Experimenting with how we do research at Arcadia happens in the open. We document our iterations and favor opening up data and learnings to the broader community.

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A new funding model for basic science

Arcadia hopes to transform a traditionally high-risk approach into a smart financial investment for society. Our hypothesis is that basic science is not only compatible but also synergistic with generating commercial value over time. History supports this view.

We will pursue research that bridges a longstanding gap between basic and applied science by developing a third path that spans across the classic biotech Valley of Death. Our success would lead to a more financially sustainable and replicable organization, attracting more resources to science. And we have investors who are fully committed to this long-term experiment.

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Our open approach to publishing

Research is most impactful when it’s out in the open. The best science involves scrutiny and questioning. The more clearly and expediently we share what we’ve learned, the quicker we and others will be able to make progress. 

In our publishing model, we aim to accelerate the pace of communication, maximize utility and interactivity, and forge rigor through feedback, iteration, and reuse.

What are narratives?

Narratives are higher-level informational summaries that provide a road map for navigating individual publications (pubs). We use them to convey project goals and contextualize our work.

What are pubs?

Pubs are the core blocks of our communication about research. They are detailed descriptions, analyses, and conclusions from our projects and platforms.

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