Biology is vast, and evolution is our greatest teacher.

To date, biological research has centered around a limited number of species — the model organisms1 — and their utility as models of human biology.

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1. An organism traditionally used to study biological phenomena shared with humans. These organisms are easy to work with in the lab, are well-characterized, and there are many tools for exploring their biology. Examples include mice, fruit flies, Arabidopsis thaliana, baker's yeast, and Escherichia coli. While powerful, the model organisms only represent an infinitesimally tiny fraction of biological innovation.

Our goal

is to unlock the knowledge and ingenuity contained within a wide range of diverse species, to uncover how evolution has solved limitless problems. We are inspired not by what is the same, but by what is unique.

Our program

will reveal untapped biological innovation, generate new technologies and products, and open up the vastness of biology to the larger scientific community.

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