Arcadia Science is inspired by the spirit of exploration and aspires to evolve how science is done, who it attracts and rewards, and what it can achieve.

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Open science1

1. Open science is the transparent and accessible sharing of research in service of rapid, rigorous advancement of knowledge for the benefit of society.

is both the right thing to do and the best, fastest way to advance knowledge beyond what we can imagine. The spirit of Arcadia is based in humility and awe of the collective scientific energy of all people.

Open science1

is in our DNA and is foundational to every project and program. We are committed to developing new mechanisms to share not just our results and successes, but our data, protocols, processes, and progress.

To maximize transparency and utility, research from Arcadia and Arcadia-supported collaborations will be published openly using journal-independent mechanisms. We will pilot radical experiments in science communication to promote rigor, timeliness, accessibility, and reach.

We believe that open science and commercialization can coexist and thrive together.

We aim to bring innovative and impactful products to the market by utilizing thoughtful business and patent strategies while upholding the tenets of openness.

Within the scientific community, there already exist small but flourishing groups of researchers studying non-model organisms. Our aim is to support and foster these groups, identifying their greatest needs and providing tools and resources.

Collaboration is central to our success.

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